Design Support


We will collaborative as a team to provide our constructive input, contributing to the overall goal of error-free design documents.

We intend to collaborate with the design team and select design-assist trade contractors, and work through the weekly evolution of the drawings. We will work as a team through a collaborative process to provide our constructive input as one contribution to the overall goal of error-free design documents.



Our staff of experienced estimators and project managers are able to provide input “on the spot” to help facilitate design decisions accurately and quickly. While we do include more focused constructability and estimating efforts at key intervals during the overall design schedule, we feel it is our responsibility to continuously provide input as issues arise.

We will make recommendations regarding construction materials, means and methods, systems analysis and costing in order to provide the highest quality building within the budget and schedule established by the owner.

We know how important it is to communicate regularly and professionally with you to ensure there is a clear understanding of every moving part of the project.