PIMMEX Contracting Corporation is a Native American owned business and currently employs over 50% minorities.

Our staff of experienced estimators and project managers are able to provide input on the spot to help facilitate design decisions accurately and quickly.


PIMMEX Contracting Corporation was founded by Carlos Munoz in 2008. His vision was founded on the principal to give back to his ethnic community, and it is evident in the company’s name PIMMEX (Pima/Mexican.)

Most recently Carlos was nominated to the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Developments 40 under 40 awards, awarded to budding Native American entrepreneurs.




We do what is right…

We listen…

We keep our promises…

We care…


Focused on integrity

Our continual focus on quality, architectural integrity, timeliness and savings allows our design development and pre-construction efforts to facilitate an efficient and constructible project.

Ready for anything

During the design development and pre-construction efforts, Pimmex is capable of a wide range of services, limited only by the desires of the client, programming and the target budget constraints.

We keep you informed

While we do include more focused constructability and estimating efforts at key intervals during the overall design schedule, we feel it is our responsibility to continuously provide input as issues arise.